Which Breakfast Twofer
do you prefer?

Bakery-fresh donuts 2 for $1.50

Savory breakfast sandwiches 2 for $3

What's for breakfast?

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It’s a simple question that’s loaded with delicious answers at RaceTrac. Fluffy answers. Flaky answers. Warm and savory breakfast sandwich answers to delightful bakery-fresh donut answers.

The choice is yours.

Treat your sweet tooth.

Bakery-fresh donuts are delivered daily to RaceTrac. From glazed to chocolate with sprinkles, you’ll find a variety of scrumptious donuts to choose from. How sweet it is.

Tantalize your savory side.

Choose a warm and flaky croissant sandwich or a Southern-style biscuit. Fluffy egg, melty cheese, delicious ham or sausage, even a scrumptious chicken biscuit makes this the savory way to start your day.

— Flavor —

Sweet or

— Texture —

Cakey or Flaky?

Experience bakery-fresh bliss.

Sink your teeth into one of our fresh donuts, available in a wide variety of wondrous cakey confections. Feel free to mix or match to your heart’s content.

Aim yourself straight
to the savory.

You’ll flat flip over the flakiness of our croissant sandwiches or the warm magnificence of our buttery breakfast biscuits. Pair ‘em up or grab one of each kind!


2 for $1.50


2 for $3

— Choose your Indulgence —

or Delicious?

A double dose of delectable.

Two bakery-fresh donuts of your choice are just $1.50 at RaceTrac. So why not help yourself to a sweet and cakey breakfast that won’t break you?

Enjoy a warm and delicious breakfast.

Two warm and savory breakfast sandwiches can be yours for just $3.00. So start your day off deliciously.

Whether you’re sweet or savory,
start your morning at RaceTrac.

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